Welcome to De Weydegansch Hatchery for American Buff and Tufted Buff Geese !

With this website we want to show you our lovely American buff geese and try to make these two exceptionally friendly and affectionate breeds; the American Buff geese and American Buff Tufted geese, more well-known in Europe.

We are the first to have bred American Tufted Buff geese in Europe and also the first to have bred American Buff geese in continental Europe. The supply of these breeds is still very limited because we only let a small number of eggs hatch each year. The reason why we only let a small number of eggs hatch each year is that we raise our goslings ourselves to ensure that we get tame and affectionate geese. If we hatched a large number of goslings we would not be able to give them the time and attention necessary to make them tame and able to socialize with humans. As we put in a lot of time with our geese, all of them, adults and goslings, are very affectionate and tame birds, both with us and strangers.

These geese are lovely to look at due to their unique buff color. It is an unique color that does not exist in original goose breeds. This color only exists in domesticated breeds. The buff color is primarily a very warm color that immediately appeals. It is a warm tint of brown that exists in all sorts of graduations on the feathers. A slightly lighter sandy color on the breast and head and darker cognac/camel shades on the wings. These are geese that attract immediate attention, mainly due to their unusual color but also due to their attractive appearance and very friendly character.

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Some tips on how we look after our geese is also available on this website, e.g. what our geese get to eat and drink, how they are housed etc. You can find them under the red buttons on top of this web-site.

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