Toulouse goose Jerry and American Buff gander Bowie

As only one American buff egg had to hatch we asked a friend who breeds heavy dewlap Toulouse geese if he also had some eggs who had to hatch arround the same time as our little buff had to hatch. Luckily for us he did have some eggs who had to hatch a day prior to our egg.

We asked our friend if one gosling could stay at our place so the little American buff wouldn't have to be raised alone by us. We named the little Toulouse goose Jerry after Jerry Springer as she constantely jumped as she didn't wanted to stay in her pen. She loved it to be on our lap for hours and hours....

It was fun for us to raise a dewlap Toulouse as we didn't have any experience with Toulouses but the problem was that we got so attached to her that we didn't wanted her to leave. We could keep her but on one condition.... That we had to buy an unrealted dewlap Toulouse gander for her so now we have three breeds!

Below several pictures of Toulouse Jerry and American buff Bowie

Below some more smaller pictures from Toulouse Jerry and American buff Bowie!


Some more larger picture of Jerry and Bowie

Geesepictures from Jerry en Bowie: A dewlap Toulouse goose and an American Buff gander.


And last two head shots from Jerry and Bowie.

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