Why keeping domestic geese?

For us?

• Because they are sociable birds.
• Because they are easy to keep.
• Because they are attractive birds.
• Because they have character.
• Because you always have company
  when you are working outside.
• Because they react spontaneously
  when they see or hear us.
• Because they are always happy to
  see or hear us.
• Because they are alert and vigilant.
• Because they are sometimes as
  bold as brass.
• Because they often make us laugh.
• Because they are extremely friendly.
• Because they are special birds.
• Because they offer rest and relaxation.
• Because they are extremely opinionated.
• Because they can stagger around
  and do mad things.
• Because they always have something
  to say and like a chat.
• Because when one does something,
  the others follow.
• Because they are great comedians.
• Because ours are extremely tame and
• Because it is very nice and pleasant to
  have them running around the house.


Why pedigree geese from a reliable breeder?
• So you know where they come from.
• So you can see their parents beforehand.
• So you’ll get all the information in front
  how to take care of them, how to house them etc.
• So you’ll get strong and healthy birds.
• So you know who the parents are and that
  they are not inbred.
• So you can always go back to the breeder
  if you have questions or problems.
• So you know the characteristics of a
  particular breed beforehand.
• So you know beforehand whether they are
  quiet or active geese.
• So you can help a particular breed to preserve.

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