American Tufted Buff Geese

Also originating from the United States and created by the late Mrs. Ruth Books. By crossing the American Buff goose with the tufted Roman goose, the American Tufted Buff goose was developed after years of intensive breeding and selection.

Just like the American Buff goose it is a sociable and friendly goose. Very affectionate and loyal to its owners. They are curious and talkative and can be very opinionated although in a nice way. They are vigilant when they see strangers and make quite a lot of noise at that moment but, in general, they are quiet geese and certainly not noisy. This breed is also eager to learn and is enterprising. One of our ganders, Jules, found it extremely interesting to see how we opened the gate and stood there a few times watching us intensely. A few days later, Jules opened the gate himself!

It is a graceful, elegant, medium-sized goose. Proud and almost arrogant to look at, probably due to the tuft of feathers on the top of its head. This tuft, which begins right behind the eyes, consists purely of upright feathers and is definitely not a lump on the head of the goose as many people think. If you were to flatten the feathers with a pot of gel then you would have a smooth headed goose.

The American Tufted Buff goose is an active and lively goose which is always up for a folic with a run and a flap of its wings. A bath or small pond would really be appreciated; they can spend hours lying in it, floating and splashing. Particularly after the mould, when they realize that they have all their feathers back, they will run around at full speed and flap their wings. They can accidentally fly over the fence and land in the middle of another group. We are then called loudly for help.

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