American Buff Geese

The American Tufted Buff goose is one of the few domesticated goose breeds originating in the United States. It is a sociable and friendly goose, very loyal and affectionate, particularly to its owners. It is a graceful and elegant goose to see; particularly females have something refined about them.

It is a curious goose, always looking around what you’re doing. They are never scared but always alert and watchful. People can be standing talking in front of the gate here and they will not react but if someone opens the gate and comes in they will honk. They love chatting but are absolutely not a nuisance and certainly not noisy. Compared to the American Tufted Buff, the American Buff's character is a little bit fiercer but never annoying or troublesome. The ganders in particular can look a bit macho but are never a problem, even during the breeding season.

The American Tufted Buff goose is an active and lively goose which is always up for a folic with a run and a flap of its wings. A nice paddle in the bath is also a favorite pastime so, if you are able to provide a bath for them, they will be very grateful. It is also an enterprising breed; never leave a gate open as they will not be able to contain their curiosity to have a look beyond what they know. This is how they came running to us when we came back from shopping.


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