Dewlap Toulouse goose Jerry has a boyfriend named: Tom...

We found a boyfriend for our Dewlap Toulouse goose Jerry. It took some time to find a nice Toulouse gander as he had to be as good as Jerry. Finally we found a pure breed year old gander at another friends place who also breeds several domestic geese breeds.

As Jerry is a very nice dewlap Toulouse we are very glad we have found a boyfriend for her. We called him Tom and he's a very calm and friendly gander.

Tom origines from a very good German bloodline and he's very tall. When we came home and released him in his new pen we had to look twice... We always thought some of our American buff are tall but next to Tom they are almost small...

We hope to breed with our dewlap Toulouse geese Tom and Jerry in 2011. Then Jerry is two years of age. We also hope to buy another dewlap Toulouse goose from a very good German breeder this winter so we'll have an unrelated trio of dewlap Toulouse geese.

Below sopme pictures from dewlap Toulouse Jerry and her boyfriend Tom.

Below more pictures of dewlap Toulouse geese Yom and Jerry


Also a few larger pictures of our dewlap Toulouse geese.

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