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The Netherlands:

Dutch hobby and smallholder association, NBvH:
Buffganzen Blogspot
Buffganzen van Broederey de WeydeGansch Facebook:


Steunpunt Levend Erfgoed, A Begian association for Heritage breeds:
Belgian domestic Waterfowl association:
Belgian Dewlap Toulouse geese breeder Peter van den Bunder:


American Livestock Breeds Conservancy:
Metzer Farms:
The Goose's Mother & Father:
Society for the Preservation of Poultry Antiquities: www.SPPA (part of the feathersite site)
Christine Heinrich's Blogspot:
The Poultry Connection:
The Majestic Waterfowl Sanctuary:
Geese and Ducks for Backyards
Heritage Poultry Breeders Association Of America
Facebook Silver Spring Waterfowl Conservation Farm
Website Silver Spring Waterfowl Conservation Farm
Facebook Heritage Poultry Breeders Association Of America

American Hobbyfarm and Country Magazines:

Hobby Farms Magazine:
CountrySide Magazine:

USA Magazines:

Backyard Poultry Magazine, :

Incubator manufacturers USA:

Surehatch Egg Incubators and Poultry Supplies :


Jubilee Acres:


The website from Chris and Mike Ashton :
The Goose Club :
The Center for Goose Ethology, Conservation and Welfare :
Poultry Keeper: and for the American Buff page: : American Buff
Mike Sumner pure breed poultry and waterfowl: :

UK Magazines:

Country Smallholding

Australia en New Zealand:

Backyard Poultry :
New Zealand Rare Breeds :
Goose breeders pet directory :


Agraria :
Agraria Engelse versie:


Mark Hoppe : Toulouse geese and ducks :
Karl-Heinz Tuma : Toulouse geese :
Christian und Dieter Weigel : Toulouse geese (Grey and Buff) :


Hongarian webpage with animals links :

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