Breeding goslings

Do realise if you start breeding with only one couple of geese you can't sell unrelated youngsters. If you really want to start breeding geese in a proper way you'll need several unrelated couples. We have 5 trio's and 2 couples for example. If you breed with a father and a daughter, as an example, you might get inbreeding problems. This can lead to several serious derogations with the goslings. For that reason we never breed with related geese.

Of course it's wonderful and lot's of fun to have goslings during the spring but don't underestimate the work you have with them. It takes lots of time and attention especially if you want to raise tame geese

Another problem might be that people hatch to many goslings. They forget how fast goslings grow and how many waterfowl pellets they need. Also the lots of droppings goslings produce people might forget. Do keep in mind that you need plenty of space if you start breeding with geese and want goslings during springtime otherwise your nice clean pasture will become quite a mess.

Just click on the link below so you can see how fast goslings grow. We made pictures of three goslings until their 7th week. At first on a daily base, later on a weekly base.

Beside that goslings do eat a lot of special waterfowl pellets for goslings which costs a lot more that the regular waterfowl pellets for adult geese. Keep this in mind so you won't get surprised with a large bill from your food supplier. Our goslings get the best feed available. If they get a good 'start' you'll benefit from it when they are fully grown.

Also keep in mind if you have buyers for your young geese before you hatch too many goslings. No worse scenario than just have to give those lovely birds away which you have been giving all your love and attention because you can't keep them due to a lack of space.

Our young geese move to their new owners when they are at least four months of age. Why? At that age we know for sure they healty and fully feathered. We also can tell what character they have so we can place the right geese with the right people. Geese can become quite old so you can better have geese which suite you by character. For you and for the geese so both can enjoy each other.

For that reason we only hatch a small number of goslings each year. Our little ones only can go to new owners if we are a 100% sure they get a good life over there. As we said before they can reach quite an age and lots of stories are known about geese which have survived three generations of one family. Normally geese won't get that old but they can reach the age of 25. Keeping geese is wonderful and fun and we wouldn't want to live without our geese but….do realise you are stuck to them for quite some time!

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