Reproduction and breeding with domestic geese.

If you like to have gosling from your geese you need to consider some cases. First of al do want to let the geese hatch the goslings by herself or do you want to hatch the goslings with an incubator. No matter which of both you prefer the goose will need a laying nest. We place our laying nest into the barn no later that February 20th . As our geese are inside the barn during the night they feel save inside therefore we also place the laying nests inside

Most domestic geese breeds lay between 10 to 25 eggs a year but there are geese breeds that can lay many more eggs. When a goose starts to lay depends on the breed but most breeds start early March

If you decide to let the goose hatch her own eggs do keep in mind not to give her too many eggs. Too many eggs may increase the chance of breakage and also a goose can't sit on too many eggs. Do keep in mind that the first egg is always not fertile so don't leave that egg in the nest. Give her max. 9 (fresh) eggs or even less so she can keep them all warm.

Best thing to do is to collect all the eggs at first and storage them in a cold place until the goose gets broody. If the goose has laid quite a number of eggs put the oldest eggs back into the nest and wait if she gets broody and will sit steady on the nest. If so replace the old eggs with the ones last laid so she will sit on the freshest eggs.

Give your geese also during her broody period plenty of attention and watch her carefully that she does get of her nest to eat, drink or take a bath. Some hard-headed geese refuse to get of the nest and might get underweighted and could die in the worst scenario. Please stay alert !

If you decide to hatch the geese eggs with an incubator make sure you buy an incubator which has been especially manufactured for hatching waterfowl eggs. There's a lot of differences between the brands of incubators and it will definitely will influence the hatching results. Better spend some more money for a better incubator than the deception of no goslings at the end of the breeding season.

Most important issue when you use an incubator is your attention. Even though you've bought the most expensive and fully automatic incubator it's impossible to insert the eggs at the first day and then just wait for the gosling to hatch after 30 days. It won't work! Temperature, humidity are very important and you have to keep an eye on that so if it won't go as supposed you can intervene on time. In the UK they often say that a thunderstorm can ruin a hatch so your attention is needed if you want your gosling to hatch.

Depending on the breed it takes 28 to 32 days before the goslings hatch. Goslings from light geese breeds are normally a bit quicker that the goslings from the large geese breeds. Also eggs inserted on the same day might take several days to hatch. The freshest eggs hatch earlier than older eggs. Even from one goose!

For people who can read Dutch we have written a book how to breed with geese and using an incubator. We do hope to translate our books into English some day. Especially hatching geese eggs is written down into detail so every can do it if they follow the steps in the book!

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