The Goose Club Journal: Januari 2008:



We had some x-rays taken of the right leg of our Inga, a very special gosling from 2007.

For some time Inga had difficulties walking. You could see clearly that she was in pain. As a gosling she had been trampled on very badly by her brother and sisters. Then she limped for a week or so but we couldn’t see anything strange and it wasn’t swollen. Therefore we thought she had a nasty bruise and it needed time to heal.

After a few weeks her condition turned so bad that we gave her antibiotics but this didn’t work. It became that bad that she couldn’t stand up normally any more. She had to spread her wings to push herself up. The poor bird sometimes screamed very loudly that much pain she had. It was so hard to hear and to see how much she suffered. That’s why we decided to call our veterinarian we have for our cats. He’s a specialist with “bones” as I always say. Dogs and cats with back, hip or leg problems are his speciality. Well if he could not help our Inga nobody could…

On August 8th we went with Inga to the clinic for x-rays and further tests. Inga behaved very well. She had no trouble with lying on her back, on her side or stretching her legs. It really didn’t matter to her as she knew this was necessary. The only thing she liked less was the waiting room filled with big dogs who also came for x-rays. Can you imagine how those dog owners looked when we came in with our Inga… Even our vet didn’t believe how tame Inga was and how easily she let things happen. I must say she did surprise me too as she normally isn’t that easy and always has a lot of comments. Lucky for Inga our vet couldn’t discover any abnormalities when he examined her. Also no abnormalities were seen on the x-rays. Our vet suspected a nasty inflammation which probably had gone worse after the H5N1 vaccination and the moulting period. He did feel a slight thickness in her joint and advised us to continue the antibiotics. As he hasn’t any experience with geese he didn’t know which medication to give her for the pain so I called our veterinarian we have for the geese. We were advised to give her an anti-inflammation medication and a painkiller in one, as well as the antibiotics.

Those two medicines did the trick and after a few days we could see an improvement. Beside less pain and walking a bit better she also started to “grumble” again….and a lot… Ok it went better but very, very slowly. There were times we didn’t think she would get better but we did continue giving her the medication. She was on antibiotics for 8 to 10 weeks or so until I didn’t dare to give her any more. The vet told me it wouldn’t matter but I didn’t want a young goose so long on antibiotics. I think she got the anti-inflammation medication until December first. At this moment, January 19th she’s doing fine. She does walk a bit differently than the others and she’s not that fast but when the others start to run she spreads her wings and flies a bit too. She does lie down to rest a bit more than the others but standing up, walking, getting in and out of her bath doesn’t cause her any problems anymore. She’s managing very well and hopefully we can keep it like this!

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